Volunteer Operators Needed

Johnny AC0BQ

Gm Group 
A few months ago I joined the International CW council to assist with  promoting CW activity across all of the Major Cw Groups that a lot of 
us belong to. 

The LICW, Long Island CW Club is looking for some volunteer ops to assist them with the Give Back Program that they have organized. 
The only requirement will be some of your time to get on the air and operate while promoting the continued use of CW on the bands. 

The information below will fill in the details. It sounds like fun to me, and gives us a chance to promote our 4SQRP group while enjoying some quality air time. 

Thanks for the Band width. 

Here is a repost of the Message from Howard, WB2UZE. 


I want to thank: Hal WA2AKV, Bob K4RLC, Ed W2LCQ, Robb K2MZ, Jim W6JIM, Ken AA5CF, Marv W5DT, Remi K1KHU, Walt W2TE, Karen AG4CC for volunteering and participating in this program.  I would like to get 10 more volunteers which is not asking a lot from a Club that has a few hundred members capable of doing this.

Through LICW and the International CW Council (now consisting of 22 major worldwide CW clubs), we were able to double the activity in this program and the volunteers are enjoying their efforts

Here are the details:

a) CWops has a 'Giving Back Program' already in place where every day a member takes a time slot at 1900hrs their local time and gets on 40 or 80m and attempts to work other amateurs in the speed range of 15-20wpm.  The reason for that speed is Cwops felt there is a gap in the amount of hams using that speed and it is indeed a critical one to master before getting above 20wpm and into Head Copy capabilities.

b) It would be great if LICW members can volunteer to get on the air at 1900hrs (your local time) any time possible.  This does not mean you would need to QSO only our Club or CWops members.  The goal is to make the CW bands more active at 15-20wpm with talented operators to help others learning and wanting to improve their CW

c) Any volunteers from LICW please email Rob K6RB:  k6rb58@...  with copy to me at: berny450@..., and inform which day and time you would like to take.  We are going to run this program Mondays-Fridays and leave the weekends open so not to conflict with contests etc.  If there are any questions to further clarify this 'Giving Back Program', please do not hesitate to ask


Thanks all 
Have a safe week!