W6SFM Bug Roundup Event is coming soon! Save the Date


Announcing W6SFM's BUG ROUNDUP

The Samuel F. Morse Amateur Radio Club, a Sacramento, California based CW enthusiast club wanted a special time to bring bug operators together on the air. In the same spirit as ARRL's Straight Key Night, participants are encouraged to make simple, conversational, “chewing-the-fat” QSOs using their bug type key. This is an opportunity to exercise, share and exhibit your personalized fist. This is NOT a contest. However, there is a very easy and quick registration form found at https://w6sfm.com/bug-roundup/. Once you've optionally registered for the event simply Call "CQ BR" so folks know you are a Bug Roundup Participant.  So lets grab that bug, clean those contacts, and let’er fly! We want to hear that “Banana Boat / Lake Erie Swing" or that commercial KPH/WCC quality fist.

Reserve the date! The event begins on Friday May 21st (local) ( May 22nd 00:00 UTC) and concludes Sunday May 23rd (00:00 UTC)
That's 5:00 PM Friday evening until Sunday 5 PM Pacific Time (LOCAL)

For more information, to register your station, and to help assist in spotting, potentially increasing QSOs, an On-line chat window link can be found near the bottom of Bug Roundup home page located at  https://w6sfm.com/bug-roundup/  We hope to hear you all on the air! 73,