November SSS Results

John Lonigro

It was pretty slim pickings this month.  Only 7 people entered the contest and only 6 were able to scare up any points.  The most successful entry belongs again to Carl, WB0CFF, with a mere 10 points.  Glenn, N4MJl, came in 2nd with 7 points.  Chas, W2SH, rounded out the top three with 6 points.  For a change, I had a few minutes Sunday night around 7:15 and tuned my rig to 7.122. I could very faintly hear someone calling, but I couldn't make him out and didn't try to reply.  By 7:30, I was on the phone and didn't have any further opportunities to listen.

The standings for the year have Carl, WB0CFF, in first place with 169 points, followed by Glenn, N4MJ, with 117 points, and Chas, W2SH, with 112 points.  With only 1 month to go in the 2021 contest, it looks like the interesting race is for 2nd and 3rd place, being separated by just 5 points.  It appears Carl has 1st place sewn up.

As usual, I will send Carl his November certificate shortly. Congratulations to Carl and to all participants.

Let's see if we can make December the month with the most participants for the year, a fitting way to end 2021. We need at least 14 participants in December, to beat January's record of 13.

72 for now,
John, AA0VE
4SQRP Contest Coordinator