SSS Results for December and for 2021

John Lonigro

The end of the year has arrived, as far as the Second Sunday Sprint is concerned.  The winner for December is Carl, WB0CFF, with 13 QSO points.  Congratulations Carl. You will receive your December certificate shortly.

We had THREE new participants this month, which might be a first. Steve (WD4CFN), Tony (KB9LLD), and Bob (K2KI) were all first-timers.  They all scored 4 QSO points and tied for 3rd place this month (along with two others).  Congratulations to these three for participating.  I hope you had fun and will continue to participate in the SSS in the years to come.

Since this is the end of the SSS contest season, it is time to announce the winners for 2021.  To no one's surprise, Carl WB0CCF, came in first, with 182 points.  Carl came in first in 9 of the 12 months!  Congratulations Carl.  Toward the end of the year, the real question was who would wind up in second and third place.  For a while, it was neck and neck and the winner was pretty much determined in November and December.  Glenn, N4MJ, who was leading by only 4 points after October, garnered 11 points the last two months, for a total of 121 points.  Chas, W2SH, got only 6 points and wound up with 112 points total.  Congratulations to Glenn and Chas for their fine showings.  These three are the only ones to accumulate more than 100 points this year, compared to 2020, in which 5 people broke the century mark.

All certificates will be sent out later this morning, bringing to an end the 2021 Second Sunday Sprint.  As you know, the slate is wiped clean at the end of the year and everyone will be tied for first place on January 1st.  We'll all be tied for last place too, but we won't go there.  I will have available in .pdf form a spreadsheet of everyone's scores throughout the year.  It is available for the asking.

As mentioned previously, the rules are being changed slightly for 2022.  All qualified QSOs must be two-way QRP (5 Watts maximum CW). No more 5W to 1.5 kW QSOs (hi).  The updated rules will be uploaded to the 4SQRP website shortly.


John, AA0VE
4SQRP Contest Coordinator