[ADV] [4SQRP] Stickers for Bayou Jumper


Take a look at Hobby Lobby.  They have a good selection and an affordable price.  I got a sheet of all the states and add them to my box as I work them.  They are water sliders but work well on a smooth surface.  👍


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I have been gathering the additional items I will need to complete my Bayou Jumper kit once it gets back in stock.

I have just received my 3" x 3" clear stickers made up at stickermule dot com.  They are on clear stock that is thicker than stickers I have used in the past on my radio control aircraft.  They adhere with their own adhesive without the use of water.  Minimum order was ten for $21 and I used the attached jpg file.  I am using the spares to refine my technique by adhering the sticker to a scrap piece of wood and clear coating the wood.  I am going to try a few different products until I get the results I want.  Does anyone have advice on what product to use?