QRP, NN1G transceiver

Paul Goemans

  I had one once upon a time, got the kit from a “new ham” who discovered it was beyond his abilities. Worked swell when I got it assembled and alligned. Can you send the schematics to me if you have them in a digital format?
I think the photo below is of my NN1G two board.
NN1G two board QRP 1991  
Paul Goemans WA9PWP
Stoughton, WI

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QRP. Here tinkering with a nn1g 2 board transceiver. 1993 predecessor to 40-40 and sw series. Similar receiver except fixed gain mc1350 between the ne602 and it uses a real variable capacitor. Original builder had not aligned TX and rx, well nearly 0 Hertz difference. Now it's able to make qsos.