Apologies...... WEd Nite CW Net


My apologies to the group.
I forgot that "reply" now replies to the group and not the individual.
I've made several replies to Wayne and Terry that were meant to be direct.
Nothing to hide, just not wanting to tie up the group with drivel.
Sorry for taking up the space. I'll pay closer attention.
73 for now,

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I've been trumped in the last 80 meter net Terry....  LOL
Steve wins it 15 to 13....  ;-)
There is a funny story with my call.To me anyway.
I learned code at 9 because my oldest brother (k4rrh) was a radioman in the airforce.
While not a ham I had access to a couple stations in my little town as long as I only used code.
So I was comfortable at 20 wpm well before I was licenced.
My Elmer when I finally got my licence the second time (first novice expired when I found girls and gasoline) knew I loved cw and took one look at my new call and said
 "boy, they shore is a lotta dahs in nat call". 
There is too. But I'll keep it forever. I can't begin to count the pile ups I've broken with it. Because it is so long,  after all the short calls and crickets stop, all the dx station hears is my lingering "qqj".
I regularly hear "qqj?" and bingo, I have em. :-))
See you in the next net or 7030.7. I'm still shooting for the 4s sweep.
73 for now,
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