Bilt an SSB-Mite last night


Went pretty well, put it in an Altoids tin. Did not used fixed gain because I had a 100k pot with a switch! At first I wired it up backwards so that when it first turned on it was at maximum gain so took it back out and rotated the pot 180 degrees and redid the connections. It’s a bit messy but functional. Cut a trace and mounted C16 sideways on the bottom of the board, so it is not in the circuit unless I add a jumper on the top. Should give me pretty much the full range of available gain. I like it, I think it works well. Tested it with a KD1JV 20m SlopBucket which already has pretty nice audio. Real test will be with my analogue BITX40 which had a lot of high pitched tone in its audio (that came from I don’t know where). Maybe next weekend.
jerry aa1of
franconia nh

John - KK4ITX

Looks good from here Jerry, I may just do the same as I finally found a 100k pot.

Stay comfy in the Notch, brrrrrrrr !


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