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Great news Terry.

Really looking forward to OzarkCon. Always a wonderful time and
wonderful experience.

Even with the wonderful attendance the event has, it is great that
Stone Castle is large enough for the event to grow for many years to

Being in Branson also allows good ground, and commercial air access to
the event with airports in Branson, Springfield and N.W. Arkansas, and
numerous non-commercial local airports at surrounding cities.

You mentioned the Stone Castle people, but it is also worth noting all
people living/working in Branson are so friendly and helpful to visitors.

Be careful today while returning home, the wx forecast for the area is
rather chilling (snow) for tonight.

David Martin - K5DCM - Mountain Home Ar.

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Hello from Branson.

I'm here coordinating Ozarkcon 2013,and insuring that there are no
surprises in
April. The Stonecastle folks are great to work with and all looks FB
for another
outstanding conference. They really like us here, and remember and
speak well of
us throughout the year. One of the staff members is actually recruiting
attendees for us from within her family in TX.

Of special interest is that the Stonecastle has a new and dynamic general
manager who's driving remodeling improvements. Right now new hallway
floors are
being installed on the first floor of the main building, building A is being
completely painted inside - all rooms and hallways. A new hot tub is being
installed in building B. The main lobby still looks the same and we
will again
be using the registration booth. So pickup your info packets at the booth as

The wireless internet access is smoking along very well again this year, it's
fast and reliable. The Golden Corral has been extensively remodeled
and the Lone
Star Steak House is still my favorite restaurant in Branson, with the
GC a very
close second. btw The Golden Corral was our banquet caterer last
year and will
be again this year.

That's it for now, hope to see you OzarkCon.

72 Terry WAØITP

72 Terry WAØITP
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