Cyclone 40 Assistance

Clark WU4B

Hello everyone.

Finally completed my long-stored Cyclone 40 and am having trouble in the PTO alignment step: unable to get the counter anywhere close to 0-0-0-0.  

Since this kit was made several years ago, I'm looking for someone who has built one in the past.  Please respond of-line so we don't consume BW of those not interested.  There are very few Cyclone40 related messages in the 4sqrp/main group so either they neither made it from the original yahoo group or nobody had problems with their PTO.  

Any help is greatly appreciated.  

Email: clark.macaulay AT


Clark WU4B



I recall being way below the lower edge, this is all about being able to cover 120 kHz or so of the band. If you are way below, you have some turns to remove. Also if you are from the original batch Terry introduced a change to the pto design to improve stability, an appropriate value poly capacitor. Its a cool rig enjoy your tweaking. 

Curt wb8yyy