Elecraft at OzarkCon

Jim Sheldon

From the emails I've been getting off list, some of you didn't completely read my post referencing Terry's stating that Elecraft will have a presence at OzarkCon.
There will be no Elecraft employees there, only a couple of volunteers (myself and Joe, N5LXW who is from Newton, KS) bringing and demonstrating our own personal Elecraft equipment.  There have been several other very welcome offers to bring other Elecraft equipment that Joe and I don't own to put on display such as the K1, KX1, K2, the T1 QRP auto tuner and various other of Elecraft's "mini-modules" that make building and aligning QRP kits (and other rigs as well) much better.  
In this case, Elecraft having a "presence" will consist of them "sponsoring" our volunteer effort by sending me their "logo" banner to grace the table(s) and tons of handout literature.  Joe and I will be there to answer questions and show off the capabilities of the equipment.  I plan on having the KX3 live, on the air operating in at least CW, RTTY, PSK31 and SSB.  It's capable of AM and FM as well.
Hope this answers the questions I've gotten off list so far.
Jim  -  W0EB
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* On 2013 13 Feb 05:19 -0600, Jim Sheldon wrote:
Hope this answers the questions I've gotten off list so far.
You're optimistic!

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Hey, looking forward to seeing you. Seems like a long time since you have been to any of the 4Sqrp functions. I remember well that you sent a note to Elecraft and they sent me a Elecraft tee because I was using my K1 to demo the KD1JV swr/pwr meter the group was selling as a kit. Also remember you showing up down at Twin Bridges with a newly built K2. Not sure if that was FD or just a qrp weekend get together. I think it was that same get together that you put a quick fix on my little 30 meter monobander!

Anyway, It will be good to see you at Ocon. I will have my K2 using it for K0N special events station and the "in hotel" dummy load test!!

cu es 72, Bart