Field Day 2021 - WO7T

Mark WO7T

Indoors and in with the fan on is only place for a 1E AZ entry this time of year from Phoenix. Best laid
plans for a concerted 40M effort with newly built QCX-40 were laid to rest with RX working, but TX NOT.

Pulled out trusty old SW40+, and its mega-wattage of 2W, and still worked hunt and punce on 40M
with 53 Qs.  Covered coast to coast, and Canada to Virgin Islands.  Every time I use that rig, I wish
SWL were still around, but I see Dave is doing what pleases him most these days, and I'm all good
with that.

Oh, and the antenna..............282' horizontal delta loop fed through 2.5:1 balun.  Helpful with the 2W
I suspect.