john shadle

Various kits from Jackson Harbor Press. All are unbuilt and in original packaging.

Original price and asking price shown in parentheses ($original --> $asking). Prices do not include shipping -- however, if you want all of them then I will take $70 ($83 original value) and include free USPS First Class or Priority Mail shipping with Delivery Confirmation.

- Mcount kit - frequency counter kit with Morse code output ($26 --> $22) [discontinued by JHP]
- Prescaler kit - a divide by 10 ECL prescaler for your frequency counter ($10 --> $8.50) [discontinued by JHP]
- Son of Zerobeat - LED CW zero beat indicator ($25 --> $21.50)
- DC Beeper kit w/ piezo speaker - a Morse code voltmeter / DC switch / battery saver kit ($11 each, 2 available --> $9 each)

Check, money order, or bank cheque are all acceptable forms of payment.

-john W4PAH
Madison, WI