Freq Mite Frequency Counter

Johnny AC0BQ

Good morning: 
I am pleased to announce that we have the popular Freq Mite 
internal Frequency counter that is designed By Dave Benson K1SWL 
back in stock and ready to ship. The sales button will be open later today. 
You can find that link here:
Thanks Stay safe 
Johnny AC0BQ 

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The schematic for the 4SQRP Freq Mite kit solved a puzzle for me, namely how to boost a small Hi-Z input voltage to a robust 5 volts in order to drive a counter or etc., without loading the source.


Still another puzzle, sort of a flip side problem, is driving me crazy: How does a bench function generator produce a constant voltage at its 50 ohm output over a multi-megahertz range?


For example, if I set the function generator to produce a 500 mV P-P sine wave at 20 KHz, and then twirl the frequency knob up to 10 or 15  or 20 MHz, the output voltage remains constant (within a few %). How is this accomplished?



Lloyd WA4EFS