FT8 and BJ for sale

David Wilcox

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Date: November 11, 2019 at 6:18:36 AM EST
Subject: FT8 and BJ for sale

Maybe FT8 isn’t traditional ham radio but at 75 years old and losing confidence in what I used to be able to do, building the QRPGuys FT8 xcvr and using my W10 laptop for the programming and SEEING IT WORK gave me a big shot in the arm that I can still learn something, build something, and even make contacts when the band is low.  I won’t clog up the bands with my 2 watts but I am like a kid with a new toy.

To me is was like DMR.  With help from another ham I finally got a cheap handitalkie working with a eBay hotspot.  It worked!  But after a few days it became boring.  But I am back in the shack!

Now to get back into QRP SSB with my other toys.  Also bought a Begali key ay Dayton and it is calling me.

Now to thin out the herd.  I have a Bayou Jumper in a nice Hobby Lobby case (with stain and travel stickers) and the Soupsr Upper kit.  The Souper Upper is still in its bag.  It worked for a few contacts.  I am interested in having it go to a new home.  Anyone interested? Let’s talk.  I can send photos.

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John, VE3IPS, I agree - FT8 is NOT ham radio...  Can see that it might be useful for "coordinated" propagation studies by designated researchers/organizations but ..............

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