FT-5200 and more

Mlike McEwen

I have a Yaesu FT-5200 that I no longer need.  It has been my backup in my old shack but I now have a replacement for it in the new shack. It works fine...has the original manual, mic and power cord.  It works at the low setting...5W, as well as 50/35 on 2M/440. $45 plus shipping.

Also have an Alpha Delta 4 antenna switch that only has about six months of light use that I don't need in my new shack: $20 plus shipping, and a Daiwa 2M/440 SWR/Power Meter in excellent shape, $15 plus shipping.

All of these are nice but I am cutting down equipment from two shacks to one.

72/72 Doc K5OSA

Dr. Michael T. McEwen
Lt Col, US Army (Ret.)
Cell:  580 919-9205