Ice Station Zebra , 30 Nov. 14060, 1900z


     This is the format of the instructions given to the Japanese Imperial Army, Pacific,  for surrender on 17 Aug. 1945; V-J Day was 15 August 1945. The complete original text is in VMARS, Signal Magazine, Nov. 2020, by VK2NO.
    Extracted and revised below for current operations.

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 via w0rw


Instructions from CSO First Army ref the establishment of communications with Forward Observation Officer at Ice Station Zebra (ISZ).

The following details will provide sufficient information to all Amateurs in the US to allow the establishment of communications by wireless.

It is suggested that instructions state a time for the commencement of transmission.

Communications will be established between ISZ and

Amateur Operators on 30 Nov. 2020 on the following frequencies:-

14060 Kc/s Between the hours of 1900 UTC and 2000UTC.

7033 Kc/s           "       "     "       "  2000 UTC and 2100 UTC.

Should interference from other stations prevent satisfactory communications on  14060 or 7033 Kc/s communications will then be established on the following alternative frequencies:-

14065 Kc/s Between the hours of 1900 UTC and 2000UTC.

7035 Kc/s           "       "     "       "  2000 UTC and 2100 UTC.

Call Signs: The wireless station at ISZ will use the call sign W0RW.

Wireless stations in the US will use their appropriate government authorized call signs.

When calling, the station at ISZ will send the call sign of the

US Amateur station followed by de and its own call sign.

Thus:  W6XX de W0RW  can you hear me K

International Morse code will be used.

All transmissions will be in ENGLISH language and at the speed of 20 words a minute.

When communications are established by FOO (MOS13A) at ISZ all Amateur stations will obey all orders transmitted by ISZ.

When not transmitting the ISZ station will maintain a continuous listening watch.

(sgd) CHOP RW 

ISZ CMDR First Army