Interested in your experiences and tips using the FT-817 and MiracleWhip antenna

Dr Jim Kennedy


I am very interested in your experiences and tips using the FT-817 and MiracleWhip antenna either indoors or out? Did you use a counter poise and if so what length? Also, distances confirmed using this setup.

I have used on CW and have logged QSOs of over 450 miles with simple 23' wire counterpoise on 40 meters.

Look forward to hearing your experiences.

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Wayne Dillon

Good morning Dr Jim,
I tried one with my FT817 many years ago in the UK (I was born and raised in the UK) an was completely disappointed with it. Did a couple of "local" contacts on 20m, added a counterpoise, to the radio ground screw, but not much improvement. My 2c worth for what it's worth, stick with the wire.
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Its great on receive

Make a PAC-12 antenna or the G3ycc whip or get a Qrpguys whip for 20m

I have made some great QSOs with the MFJ-1820t 4 ft whip but I am sure its the counterpoise doing all the work

RM0L has been verified via qsl on 20m

I have had 2 of them and they just never worked the way I expected

Forget these on shorty antennas 40m unless your on cw

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