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Thanks for the note Dave,
Paul et al,
We have stock available and I'm working on the web page right now.  I hope to release the kit for purchase tonight sometime.   I'll post a note on every reflector I can think of :o)  I'll also have a box full for sale at FDIM, thanks to W0CLR Jerry Gorrell's strong kitting efforts just before Ocon.
I love this radio stuff !

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There is a link on the OzarkCon web page "Kit for 2013" with info and photo of the "4S-Link" which was the Build Session Kit.

Here's a direct link to it

Just guessing, but I am sure as soon as additional parts, etc. are in stock and 'kitters' set up, the 4S-Link will go on sale and be listed on the 4SQRP.COM web page.

David Martin - K5DCM - Mountain Home Ar.

Quoting Paul Daulton :

such a neat project , had to have one when I met someone leaving bulders workshop and looked at his.

Just what I needed for my Mst800 and Mst400 tranceivers. I plan to use them a lot on PSK.
I hope 4sqrp makes these available in the kit offerings.

for others who didnt attend Ozarkcon the project at the builders hands on workshop this year was a neat rig to computer interface for digital modes.

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Paul Daulton