January SSS Results

John Lonigro

Well, the bands must have been stinko Sunday night.  We had 9 entries for the contest, one of which was a Happy New Year wish from Carl, WB0CFF.  Since it sounds like Carl really didn't get on the air at all, I guess we officially had 8 entries.  The high score was submitted by Glenn, N4MJ, who managed 4 QSOs with members, for a total of 8 points.  Congratulations Glenn.  There is a 5-way tie for 2nd place, with one  member QSO per person, many of which were with Glenn!  Those 5 entries were Nick (WB5BKL), Chas (W2SH), Jeff (N0MII), Scott (K0LAR), and Johnny (AC0BQ).  In 7th place was Ed (WD7Y) with 1 non-member QSO to his credit.  Eighth place went to George (K3EMS), who was shut out this month.  But George illustrates an important message:  You can be in the top 10 without having 1 QSO, as long as you turn on your radio and TRY!

As usual, the winner Glenn (N4MJ) will receive his 1st place certificate shortly.  At least for now, Glenn is both the monthly winner and the overall 2022 leader.  However, that could change as the year progresses.

72 and Happy New Year to All,
John, AA0VE
4SQRP Contest Coordinator