mailbox contents


Much to my surprise and delight, when I opened my mailbox this evening I found a pig-in-a-box (as cold & windy as it is here, it probably should have been a pig in a blanket). I had placed my order on 3/1. What can I say, this piggy must have flown here !

Anyway, I received _s/n 152_..... should be an easy # to remember.........

Flying "Pig Rig"..... Cessna 152 !!!!!

*David Martin - K5DCM ---o0o---
Mountain Home, Arkansas*
Guns don't kill people, any more than spoons & forks cause obesity.

Walter - K5EST

I have s/n 153 coming.....but in this snow, doubt a wee piggy rig can fly:-(

So guess it's pork roast for tonight!

73....Walter . K5EST