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Philip Karras <ke3fl@...>

I don't know why this is working but here's what I did for my first mod:
I added a short piece of wire, 2", from the end of the antenna out. This is so I can add a screw to the top of the case for a long wire addition if wanted.

I added enough loops to the loopstick antenna to get it to 61. I then had to back track as those pushed the tuning dial way past where I wanted it to go. WBAL at 1090 was now tuning in on the dial, was 7 - 9, at 17.

At this point I removed about 10 loops to make it only ~ 51 loops and that moved 1090 down to ~ 14. To make a long story short I kept removing loops until there was only one extra loop and now 1090 is right around 11. I felt that was good enough.

So, I added 2" of wire to the far, left side, end solder pad going straight up to the top of the case, this will change as I build the case. I flipped the loopstick so I could add wire on the side going towards the tuner but only ended up adding only one loop. My tickler loop is still flat against the board.

I'll now proceed to some of the other mods.

73 de KE3FL,
ARRL Life Member