Jim Sheldon

Hi All,
Lots of fun and I really enjoyed being the vendor rep for Elecraft on this one.  When they weren't in the seminars, the table was often swamped with guys (and some wives too) interested in the K3 and especially the KX3 after I got it hooked up to one of the vertical antennas from Loops & More that I had bought prior to the conference.  The first 100' of coax had a shorted connector.  The K3 and KX3's tuners loaded it like a dummy load, gave a 1:1 match but nobody could hear things.  Once I replaced it with the spare cable I brought, everything went well and the demonstrations were much more meaningful.  
Left Branson about 8:30 and made it back to Park City safely about 1:30 and got unloaded shortly thereafter.  Now I gotta take the wife grocery shopping if I want supper hi hi.  Really great seeing people I hadn't seen for a few years and it was especially nice for the chance to meet Peter, G3JRH.  Very much looking forward to next year.
Jim - W0EB