Ozarkcon Ladies Activities


The Lancelot room is being reserved for ladies activities this year, including
crafts, hobbies, needlework, scrapbooking, a meeting place for visiting, etc.
This room will seat about 20 easily and has plenty of table space for you. It
is located in Bldg A next to the build session room (Excaliber) and will be open
Friday evening after the banquet and all day Saturday.

Trisha Piatt is coordinating the use of the room. If you are interested, please
contact her at <tlpiatt@...>

The Stonecastle has been remodeling this Winter. Here is a quote from their web
"The Stone Castle Hotel has kept busy this winter with several projects going on
to update and freshen up the interior of the hotel. These projects have included
a brand new spa in our B building (see picture), painting rooms, ceilings and
hallways, ordering new electronic key locks for all of our rooms, renumbering
our rooms, preparing to order new room number placards, and more! This has been
quite an exciting winter and Stone Castle is looking forward to a wonderful 2013

I love this radio stuff !