OzarkCon PRIZES!!!!

Ed Meyer, WG5F

It’s getting closer to OzarkCon 2022 and I wanted to let you in on a little secret… 
You can actually win a prize at OzarkCon without being present!


Yes – you must be present to win 99.9% of the prizes (my math may be a little fuzzy)…
but we are going to give away a MAJOR prize to a Registered person who has fully paid. 

Be sure to get your registration in before the cut-off deadline.  https://ocon.rleepotter.com/register.php


The prize policies are listed here:  https://ocon.rleepotter.com/prizes.php


I hope to see you in person at OzarkCon 2022, but in case you can’t attend, I may still be sending you a Major Prize!




-Ed, WG5F-