Portable QRP gear for sale

Ray Cadmus

Downsize time...  My old legs tell me to start with some portable stuff.  I'm afraid my portable operating is in the past. I have an idea of the value of most of this equipment but how does one put a price on homebrew.  Anyway - make an offer on whatever takes your fancy.
Photos available - email requests to rcadmus@...
Elecraft K1 - 4 band - 40, 30, 20 & 15 - extended vfo range - no antenna tuner
SmallWonders PSK-20
Small Dell netbook running Linux used for fldigi with PSK-20
KD1JV Mountain Topper 40/20 in custon pcb case
Scorpian mini keyer
4sqrp tenna-dipper
end fed 1/2 wave tuner
A plastic case for those last 4 items courtesy of the grocery deli section.
PAC-12 antenna's (2) One commercial, one homemade in a plastic tool case. (no phasing harness)
Homemade buddy-pole/buddy stick in a custom wooden case. Includes tri-pod for stick use.
Ray W9EUM (former W0PFO) Springfield, MO