QRP Propagation?


Cycle 25 SSN exceeding predictions, in fact nearing Cycle 24's peak.  But so far, my CW results on 12M and 10M have been poor with low power.  Of course, not hearing many CW signals on those bands, so kinda hard to work em if cant hear them.  The FT8 signals are punching through.

What are other ops finding.  During cycle 24, 1W would easily work the world.

Curt KB5JO

Don, W9EBK

I'm finding 10 and 12 meters weak as well.  Given the SSN and SFI I keep expecting 10 and 12 to really open up,  but keep meeting with disappointment. 15 and 17 are usually good. 20 meters is Great! I've been working stuff all over the Northern Hemisphere every evening and late into the night on 20.  
I was recently thinking about stories from the 1950's when they talked about 20 meters being open 24 hours a day.  We're there again.  These are the Good Old Days.  At least on 20.
Don,  W9EBK 

g gusto

It will probably happen again with this cycle, but for now try lower freqs. G.L. 72


It's early in the cycle, watch for sporadic E openings. Folk on skcc list often look for openings and network ops on their chat page, you will recognize some qrp ops there. I do a little mindless ft8 but prefer cw. Also check RBN and announce where you are heard. Maybe folk can mention other cw chat pages for folk that don't pound brass. 



For sure 20M is great.  And 15M sometimes for me as well.  For some reason I don;t often listen on 17M.  I work SKCC a lot and announce where am.  Not many listening on 12 or 10 there either.  My procedure is to start on 10 and after 1/2 hour move to next band.  Listening, maybe calling 2-3 times if nothing heard.  RBN sometimes hears my 1W signal but no takers.  Usually end up on 20 or 30.  I just find with the SSN where they are that propagation on 12 and 10  is evidently not great yet.

72, Curt KB5JO