RM to RM


Hello everyone. I had a real good night using my Rockmite 20. 3 2X QRPs back to back. Sweet! The icing on the cake was a call from N3RUA vacationing in Moad, UT and using his RM 20 at .3W. My first RM-RM and his also. That also makes my first QRPP-QRPP QSO. What a great hobby. An old fashioned QSL card is forthcoming. :)

Hams are always looking for new avenues to explore the ether. QRP is one of them. It also brings back the days of home-brewing albeit mostly kit form now. That really doesn't matter because way back when most of us would build our home-brewed stuff from plans published in CQ or QST anyway.

On the subject of kits, my Pig Rig arrived last week and I'm anxious to get it up on the air. It will be awhile because I already have two projects ahead of it....and I'm real slow.

I really enjoy reading the posts of this forum...good stuff.

Mike Morris