RMR net Report

Dale Putnam

The Thurs edition of the Rocky Mountain Regional net met today, with an
outstanding number of checkins:

W3HZZ Phil - Ga
K0DTJ Brian - Ca
NS7E Art - Mn
WE9F Woody - IL
KA4RUR Fred - Mo
W2SH Chas - NJ
WA0ITP Terry - IA
KO1U Mark - Me
AF9W Bob - Az
NE5DL Dave - Tx
AD7BP Bob - Wa
AL7V Sam - AK
NO0N Barney - Mo

This is great!! What a super bunch of cw ops. All with good fists, at various speeds... and that is testing my ability to get to the speed to match at the right speed. Hope I got close. Sorry if I missed anyone.
You've might noticed that I called the net a bit early today, and it ran longer than usual. And later is ok with me, and starting a bit earlier is ok too.. in order to have enough room to check everyone in, and each have enough time to send at least a couple of transmissions. The more practice we get.. the better we are. Right?
The other neat thing that happened today.. is even with a temp antenna here, and an endfed long wire there... we had a check in from Alaska. He was being polite and waited until the checkin call left a bit of space. The QSB was tuff on Sam... but at least we got him.
So, until next Tuesday, have a wonderful weekend, and stay warm... even tho there was an 85 reported today, most temps were in the 40s and 50s.

Have a great day,
--... ...-- Dale - WC7S in Wy