RMR net report

Dale Putnam

Had a good net today, in spite of deep qsb and rising noise, called at 2045 and running until 2130 on 14.0625.
K2Ht, K0DTJ, WB7EUX, KE6OIO, AD7BP, K6MGO all reported warmer than the 10F that I had .. and no one matched my 10 - 12 inches of snow...
but I think I would rather see a bit warmer. Now it is 4F and sinking.... not a good thing for my baby chicks in the barn, on a warming pad and under heat lamps.
My horses look like walking snowdrifts, even tho they are slightly taller than the 4 foot drifts that are scattered about, by the 30 mph winds.
See you all next Thursday,

Have a great day,
--... ...-- Dale - WC7S in Wy