RMR net report 2-28

Dale Putnam

Hey.. the band is open.. usable.. we had checkins from AZ-PA-M)-GA-CA-WA...
all we needed was a FL to go corner to corner across the country.. but we near did it.
And we had one or more listening too.. there are folks that just listen.. to get better too.
I must mention that this is the first outing for my Profii II proto that Mr Shurr was making
when he became a SK. Just finished the base, and it is ready to go. Now all I need is a spell checker
for my fingers.

Thank you all for checking in... the 80F from Ca.. was nice... 32 in Pa, and many stations reporting snow
on the ground now.

all made it in.. sorry if I missed anyone,

and I have another thought to ask about.. for next Tues... since the holidays are over... about to begin.. or somewhere in the middle...
what is your fav recipe? What is your fav dish to eat?
Second.. and now you know the rest of the story .... can you write it down on a QSL for me? or email it to me please?
Tell me what it is on Tuesday.. Thursday.. and if you have more than one.. that's fine too.

mmm mmm good... I can tell already. Yes.. I will share.. .... I'm thinking a RMR Net Cookbook... sprinkled with recipes.. and
qrp stories... like the one that could be told about operating from St. Simons Island.... with 5w and a dipole. ...
or ??

See you next week...

Have a great day,
--... ...-- Dale - WC7S in Wy