Dale Putnam

Boy the band was not in good shape today... missed the regulars from Mo, But.. got Kevin, KD5ONS who sounded
good. Weak.. but good.. We agree Spring cannot get here fast enuff.
Had 5 checkins and I hope I didn't miss too many, I did run 100 watts, figured if I can't do it with 100..when I usually do it
with 5 .. another couple hundred wouldn't help.
Welcome to the new folks... come back any time, next Tues would be good... and I bet the band is better...
WB9NYI  CW Wi   34
N9RLO John In  33
KD5ONS Kevin Or
K3NFU Roy La
K0DTJ Brian Ca
The winning temp today... got lost in the QSB.. I apologize.. someone had to have warmer than my 43... I know it.
Or the myth of global warming is ......    (hi hi)
Hope to see you all next week.. have a great weekend,

Have a great day,
--... ...-- Dale - WC7S in Wy


Missed the net today. Wouldn't you know if but the hosting guys I have been dealing with this week called back just as the net started. An hour later I think y'all were back to whatever you do. I'll try to see you on Tuesday.

Bob AF9W