RMR rpt - Q signals

Bill Cromwell

On Tue, 2013-02-26 at 20:00 -0600, Nick-WA5BDU wrote:
Not used a lot these days but QSP? means "Will you realy to ____" and
QSP means "I will relay to ____".

Might be applicable to say PSE QSP to try to get someone to relay you to
the NCS if he's unable to copy. Probably would sent most to their
Handbook or Google to see what QSP means though ...


Nick, WA5BDU

Once upon a time I worked some of the CW traffic nets. I had a table of
Q signals in front of me but over time, as I came in contact with those
signals I didn't have to look at the table any more. People checking
into this informal "ragchew" net won't have traffic but they won't to
send QRU. They ARE QRU if they list no traffic - QTC - which newer hams
also will not have to look up. Nobody should be listing traffic. Only a
small handfull of Q signals will be useful for the informal net.

Now that I'm retired I'm working to increase my CW proficiency and
rejoin those nets. By the way, I worked those nets and the Navy-Marine
Corps MARS nets QRP (2 watts) unless conditions demanded my full 90


Bill KU8H