SSS Reporting this month-important!

John Lonigro

There seem to be problems with the "" auto-logging website.  There are error messages like:

"Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /home/freddien/public_html/ on line 118"


"NonMembers must be an Intenger"

I am NOT the custodian of that software.  However, I sent a note to Diz (W8DIZ) last night, informing him about it.  Diz IS the custodian.

For February (at least), we will have to resort to the old-fashioned method of reporting scores.  That involves sending me an email (jonigro (at) with your name, call, member number, city, state, and your score.  Your score consists of two numbers:  # of member QSO's and # of non-member QSO's.  You do NOT have to send in your logs.  Furthermore, if you have been active in the SSS in the past, then all I need are your call and two-number score.  I already have the rest of the info on my official score spreadsheet.  If you wish to send any soapbox comments, make them brief and I'll relay them.

In order to verify I didn't miss any entries, I will email to the group a list of people who submitted entries and their scores.  If you entered the contest and are not on the list or if I made an error compiling things, please send me your corrections.  Schedule permitting, I plan to put together the list tomorrow afternoon (Tuesday) and will immediately send it out for review.  I will tabulate the scores and report the results Wednesday morning, as usual.  Please get your score submitted (to me) as soon as possible, preferably some time today.

Sorry about this issue.  Hopefully Diz will get it straightened out before March.

John, AA0VE
4SQRP Contest Coordinator