SSS Results

John Lonigro

Well, we had a good turnout Sunday night.  Fifteen people entered the contest, three of whom entered for the first time.  Welcome to Peter (AA2VG) from Huntington, NY; Scott (W5ESE) from Dripping Springs, TX; and Woody (K1LB) from Reno, NV.  I hope you three become regular entrants in the 4SQRP Second Sunday Sprints.  And thanks to all for participating.

The winner for May is John (K4BAI) with 29 QSO points. Congratulations to John on is fine score.  For the year, Chas (W2SH) is still in the lead with 81 points, followed by John (K4BAI) with 75 points.  Coming in third is Nick (WB5BKL) with 51 points.  I tally points separately from the website where you enter your score and haven't checked that site lately, to see if we still agree. Hope so.  Unless someone brings a discrepancy to my attention, I'm using my official spreadsheet to determine monthly winners, as well as the overall winner for the year.  And, if there is a discrepancy, I keep screen shots of each month's results and am able to go back and make corrections if necessary.  But, as we all know, I never make mistooks (hi).

Cngratulations again to K4BAI.  He will receive the May certificate for most QSO points shortly.

72 to all and please stay safe,

John, AA0VE
4SQRP Contest Coordinator

Ed Meyer, WG5F

K4BAI accounted for 50% of my score this month!
-Ed, WG5F-