SSS Results

John Lonigro

Well, for a moment I was excited.  After entering the data, I did a sort to see who bubbled up to the top spot this month.  Lo and behold, my callsign showed up!  But then I realized I had sorted the list in ascending order, meaning the lowest score showed up first. Yep, that was me, with a big fat 0 for the year.  After correcting my mistake, I found that Chas, W2SH, is now in sole possession of 1st place for the year.  Chas has 150 QSO points.  In second place was John, K4BAI, with 144 points.  John didn't show up this month, which dropped him into second place from a tie for first place.  In third place for the year is Nick, WB5BKL, with 136 points.  Any one of these three people has a decent chance to wind up in first place at the end of the year, which is only a month away.

For November, our intrepid president, Johnny (AC0BQ) gets the honors for finishing first.  Johnny had 9 QSO points.  His certificate will be sent shortly.

The scores this month are noticeably lower, probably due to an overlap with the final two hours of the ARRL CW November Sweepstakes.  Well, I don't believe there will be any conflicts with the final month of our 2020 Second Sunday Sprint.  Let's hope there is a lot of activity in that final opportunity to either finish first for the month or, better yet, to finish first for the entire year.

Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion of the 2020 SSS.  Better yet, why not try to participate and get the December certificate for yourself?


John, AA0VE
4SQRP Contest Coordinator