SSS Results for February

John Lonigro

After some initial confusion regarding the logging website, Diz (W8DIZ) waved his magic wand and the website was up and running in short order.  A few people sent me their scores but I believe they have all reposted their scores on, as usual.  So all is good.

We had 13 participants in February, which is an improvement over January, when we only had 9 entries.  The winner for February is Glenn N4MJ with 14 points.  Congratulations, Glenn.  Coming in 2nd was Chas W2SH with 13 points.  A bunch of people ended up with 8 points, all tied for 3rd place.

Glenn is the all-around leader for 2022 with 22 points, but it's too early to be concerned with that yet, although starting off with a high score is never a bad strategy.

Unless I counted wrong, we had 4 new participants for February. They are Brent WT4U from Knoxville, TN, Don WB0ISG from Barling, AR, Ken KD2KW from Oak Point, TX, and Steve K9NUD from N. Aurora, IL. Welcome to the new members.

Glenn will get his certificate shortly (after I walk the dog).

John, AA0VE
4SQRP Contest Coordinator