SSS Results for March

John Lonigro

Well, participation was not great this month.  We only had 8 people visit and enter their score.  And one of those (Carl, WB0CFF) visited the site to enter a comment in the Soapbox section that he was unable to participate this month.  Hope Carl (and many others) can make it in April.  Despite being a no-show, Carl still has the high score for the year, but the rest of the field is creeping up on him.  For the year, he has 39 QSO points followed by John (K4BAI) with 36 and Glenn (N4MJ) with 25.  Glenn was able to win the March prize for most QSO points with 11, followed by Chas (W2SH) with 9 and John (K4BAI) with 8.  Congratulations to Glenn. He will receive his certificate shortly.  With those scores, the propagation gods mustn't have been very happy last weekend.

Don't miss the April SSS.  Since that contest falls on (virtual) Ozarkcon weekend, it will be called the Second Sunday Ozarkcon Sprint (SSOS). All the rules will be the same and the scores count the same.  However, the winner of the April SSS will receive a 4SQRP kit as a prize, his choice of either a Hypermite filter or a FREQmite frequency counter.  These choices are subject to change and availability.  I'd suggest you circle your calendar now so you don't forget.  The second Sunday of April is the 11th.  Obviously, Ozarkcon is the 10th and you might as well circle your calendar for that entire weekend.


John, AA0VE
4SQRP Contest Coordinator