SSS Results for November

John Lonigro

There were 6 people participating in this month's Second Sunday Sprint. There were two winners this month, each with 11 QSO points: Carl, WB0CFF, and Chas, W2SH.  Congratulations to Carl and Chas. You will each get your first place certificate shortly.

For the year, Glenn, N4MJ, is still in the lead with 140 points, followed by Chas, W2SH (115 points) and Carl, WB0CFF (89 points). With just one month to go, the outcome seems all but certain.  The only question is what the final tally will be.  At the conclusion of the contest, I will attach the results for the entire year, listing everyone who participated and had at least one QSO during 2022.

If there is only a handful of participants every month, which indicates to me there is not much interest in the SSS, I'm not against calling it quits after this year.  You might want to drop me a note with your opinion on the matter.

John, AA0VE
4SQRP Contest Coordinator