Unbuilt HW-7 on eBay

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I saw that too Dave but look at the price, and the HW-7 wasn't exactly a performer, was it?
But yes, I know, I know, the nostalgia, and it's an unbuilt Heathkit :-)
On a similar tack, I saw a blog posting a few months ago in which the author bought an unbuilt Heathkit and proceeded to blog about the building process. I forget what it was - a piece of test equipment I think.  What was a little painful was that he wasn't a particularly experienced builder, and it hurt a little to see a pristine Heathkit kit (probably one of only a few of it's kind left) being built in a rather poor fashion with very untidy point-to-point wiring. On the other hand, you could argue that it was a tribue to the way that many of them were built!

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