Wilderness SST

Tom Sevart <n2uhc@...>

Here are some pics of my 20M SST. I got the kit but no case, so I decided to put it into a computer A/B switch box case.


I put a Norcal keyer chip in with the transceiver board. I wanted to add a logo to the front panel, but by the time I drilled all the holes for the controls, I ran out of room. Normally I put a piece of metal inside the rear of these switch boxes to cover up the DB-25 holes, but since I was running low on time to get this done by Ozarkcon, I decided to leave them open.

I decided to switch between two veractors to open up the tuning range a bit, and I get about 6 KHZ on either side of 14.060. The range isn't great, but I think it'll make a good little travel radio.

Tom Sevart N2UHC
St. Paul, KS