Charlie Vest

Hi All ,

I have this affinity/addiction for the Lectrokit Spider SP-1 , designed by Mike Agsten (W8TXT) and was I believe first published in QST in February 1991 and another article in 73 magazine in January 1993 .

I am looking for any , ESPECIALLY non working ones ( read CHEAP :) to add to the 40 meter and 30 meter versions that I already have . (ANY BAND FINE)

Any parts and pieces related to them would be of interest to me also . On a fixed income and am definitely not looking for anything mint or collector quality .

I still lack an 80 meter one on the operating table .

I believe they were offered as the single band models for 80-40-30 meters . A later version , I believe , was also available , that was multi band . I think it had a 5 in the model number .

Never seen one of those , but my interest is in the single band models , doesn't matter which band , because if I can find some , I will convert them to the bands I don't have one on yet . I would like to end up with one for every band .

I get hours of enjoyment out of them and always have at least one on the bench running .

Please let me know what you might have and what the price would be , off list .

Thank you ,
72 , Charlie , W5COV


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